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Could live video streaming help ‘clean up’ local government?

Australia’s local governments do a lot of good for their communities.

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5 reasons the new ‘webcasting decree’ is good for local government

The NSW State Government made what was seen by many as a rather bold decree late last year, telling local councils they would soon be required to..

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How can video streamline internal comms in Government?

Often, the larger an organisation, the harder it is to effectively convey and share important information in a consistent way that reflects brand..

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Government Series: How video streaming can improve community engagement

Are you looking for more effective ways to interact and engage with the community?

Experience has shown that organisations that improve their community..

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Government Series: Building trust with live video streaming

We all know the expression ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’.

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Government Video Communications 2017

Over 200 Government Communication professionals from across the country came together at the National Museum in Canberra and online to learn how Live..

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