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Video conferencing vs live streaming: the verdict

When it comes to video in the workplace, there is sometimes confusion between the terms  ‘live streaming’ and ‘video conferencing’. Which is..

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Here’s why you need a video content library

We’ve talked a lot recently about the power of live video streaming, for supporting important internal and external communications initiatives.

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The On-Demand Economy: defining the way we communicate

Food, travel, entertainment, labour, there’s very little you can’t get at the touch of a button these days. And, I’m not complaining, ordering Uber..

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We discover how storytelling carries legacy

Watching the live coverage of the Greenpeace activists hanging upside down from Oregon’s St. Johns Bridge back in 2015, seeing the Shell boat, on route..

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Managing the marriage of video and social media

Social media, mobile devices and apps have helped to drive one of the more unexpected corporate trends of recent times, in that people’s behaviour and..

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How to create a great video-stream session inhouse

You don't always have to paying thousands, let alone tens of thousands of dollars for inhouse video streaming.

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How can video streamline internal comms in Government?

Often, the larger an organisation, the harder it is to effectively convey and share important information in a consistent way that reflects brand..

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Case Study: Altura Learning

Altura Learning creates high quality, responsive and media-rich learning solutions for those working in or aspiring to work in the health and social..

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Is it time to define your live video strategy?

Video - it’s a word that  sometimes triggers anxiety amongst IT managers and senior executives running large organisations.

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