Live video streaming and the ‘Legacy’ of TEDx

This year is shaping up as a big year for live video streaming.

And no, we’re not talking about watching online sport in real time, Netflix or Stan.

After more than 20 years of ‘videoconferencing’, organisations that have embraced video as a more effective means of connecting and sharing information, are now waking up to the fact ‘live streaming broadcasts can elevate their communications to an entirely new level, with unrivalled engagement and reach.

Earlier this year, the awesome power of live video streaming was again on display in Sydney when TEDx hosted a packed audience for its anticipated event titled ‘Legacy’.

What sort of world have we all inherited? What kind of world do we want to leave behind us?

These are questions that touch and move us all in different ways, depending on our own lived experience and point of view.

Taking to the stage in May was a collection of genuinely remarkable Australians sharing their stories of struggle and triumph, not only with a captivated live audience at Sydney’s International Convention Centre (ICC) but with an international online audience able to tune into the event and contribute to the developing conversation in real time.

viostream tedx 2019

The happiest man on earth

It’s hard to conceive of a more remarkable and universally admired person than 99-year old Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku.

Eddie’s recollections of the horrors of WW2 Germany and Poland were as harrowing as anyone has heard. But what’s remarkable about him is the story of a life lived, in his words, as ‘the happiest man on earth’, despite the best efforts of the darkest of dark forces to take that away from him.

Then there was music star Tom Nash, a quadruple amputee who made a career for himself as DJ Hookie.

Why are some human beings dealt the cards they’re dealt? And how does a tiny few manage to face adversity and create a life of success and ultimate happiness few believed was possible?

Women leaders in tech

This year’s TEDx also featured an impressive lineup of female leaders and innovators across the arts, science and technology.

Amid all the arguments about the state of the planet today, scientist Tara Djokic provided vital insights into her PhD on the geological setting and ecology of some of the earth’s oldest evidence of life close to 3.5 billion years old.

That’s a lot of history, but as Spanish Philosopher George Santayana would have argued, the more of it we can learn, the fewer mistakes we’re likely to repeat.

Of course, a crucial part of ‘Legacy’ is how we look after ourselves too.

Celebrated tech entrepreneur Ros Harvey shared her vision for applying technology in ‘creating public good with private effort’, with her work earning her a place in the Australian Financial Review’s list of 100 most influential women, and Australia’s ‘Emerging Female Technology Leader’ by Women’s Agenda.

Joining her on the bill was Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon, a former ‘Forbes 30 under 30’-lister - amongst other accolades – who is seeking to make everyone’s working lives better through the intelligent application of digital technologies.

viostream tedx 2019

Making the world a better place

As with last year’s amazing TEDx speakers for the ‘Humankind’ event, this year’s crop all have two things in common;

They are all fantastic, brave people with incredible stories. And they are all at the same time just regular people like the rest of us.

So why does that matter?

In the world of business, the ability to convey compelling stories that people can relate to and engage with has always been a critical determinant of success.

Now, with the ability to not only tell stories in video form – now accepted as the best medium for marketing communications – but to stream video in real time to audiences anywhere in the world and on any device, organisations can achieve genuinely incredible levels of engagement around their most important messages and information: be it internally with their own people, or out in the market with their customers.

We all want the world to be a better place.

And for any organisation that sees itself with something to contribute, making live video streaming a key part of the marketing and communications mix will ensure more people learn about it faster.

Viostream is proud to have been a technology partner with TEDx for more than ten years, helping to live stream to the world the most inspiring people, stories and ideas Australia has to offer. Connect with us today to learn how you can share your best people and stories with any audience, anywhere.