Live streaming offers more authentic engagement experiences

Viostream‘s new ‘Video Streaming for Government’ blog series will take a look at the opportunities and challenges facing the public sector in placing video and video streaming at the centre of all communications functions and activities.

Over the next few months we’ll delve into the power of video to create authentic experiences, reach and engage larger audiences, control messaging, utilise existing technology, save time and money, as well as dramatically increase the amount of information staff are able to retain, leading to better training and education outcomes.

live streaming government engagement

Authenticity - it’s a word very much in vogue at the moment, especially amongst professionals working in the communications space.

With so much ‘noise’ now in our highly-digitised daily lives, it’s getting harder and harder for any one voice to make itself heard.

And being louder is no longer an option.

Audiences need to feel they are connecting with something or someone that is ‘real’ and ‘genuine’.

Of course, if we had teleporters to beam people where they’re needed, no one would be having this conversation.

But the reality is that as organisations grow bigger and bigger, it gets a lot harder to have people actually ‘lean in’.

Whether it’s group-wide meetings, urgent messages from management, or trying to communicate important information to customers / stakeholders, it’s no mean feat getting the message across.

This is especially true for most government organisations.

Huge numbers of stakeholders with similarly vast staff populations servicing them combine to create a set of challenges quite unique to the public sector. And the fact that governments are just one election away from being replaced means the ability to engage and respond to stakeholders quickly can be a matter of survival.

Of course there are important similarities too between the public and private sectors.

Just as ‘customers’ have come to demand more from corporations and brands – especially around having easier access to digital information balanced with strong privacy protections – so too ‘citizens’ and their communities are asking the same of their governments. They want red tape and bureaucracy to be simplified, at the same time wanting to be heard.

Crossing live

Live video streaming has seen exponential growth over the past few years, driven in no small part by the huge success of platforms like the Ted Talks, which have perfected the art of real-time audience engagement, as well as driving traffic to growing libraries of archived footage.

Many Australian organisations are now applying the Ted Talks approach when planning and executing important events such as annual meetings or strategy sessions that require large numbers of people to be involved.

This is especially powerful for organisations that are very dispersed, be it within or across state and local government boundaries. Being able to stream an important event to multiple users in different locations helps to make people feel involved and part of the broader team.

One of the really great things about live video streaming for any industry or purpose, is that it allows for people to provide feedback and share conversations online in real time -  and allows the event organiser the ability to gathering valuable feedback from the audience.

This is important for creating more authentic experiences for staff. But is even more important for engaging citizens to better understand all of the services and resources available to them, as well as the regulations and laws that govern them.

Your people are the talent

Live video streaming also creates opportunities to make use of existing talent within the organisation. Most people can be coached to deliver short messages to camera, or even more demanding roles depending on the individual.

This means staff feel more involved in the communications process, while carrying the added benefit of having messages delivered by a real person staff can relate to.

It’s something that simply can’t be underestimated these days, that people are far more likely to stop, pay attention and absorb messages and other information more readily and effectively if they can believe in and connect with a real face and voice at the other end.

In this regard, there is simply no solution to rival live streaming video.

Viostream is recognised as a leading provider of live video streaming solutions to government agencies across Australia. Our specialist engineers and business consultants are available now to help tailor this powerful technology to the needs of your organisation today.

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This post was written by Jon Dyer - Government Account Director, Viostream

As National Account Director for Government Jon brings focus to government departments seeking to improve their communications activity through the application of video.

Prior to joining Viostream Jon worked with the Department of Education and Employment to design and implement the first interactive live streaming capability for community and stakeholder engagement for Government. This service has been used by the Prime Minister, Senior Ministers, NDIS, ATO and numerous other Government agencies. Jon applies a background in video, design and user experience to assist customers realise the potential of their digital communications capability.  

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