Government Series: How video streaming can improve community engagement

Are you looking for more effective ways to interact and engage with the community?

Experience has shown that organisations that improve their community engagement ultimately achieve greater returns, establishing higher levels of trust with audiences, and making them feel more connected.

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For businesses operating today, effective communication is often the difference between success or failure. It’s the “make-or-break” factor.

For Government, it’s all about spreading the word – showcasing achievements, explaining policies, and responding to challenges and issues.

Video, in particular live video streaming, is emerging as a powerful marketing and communications tool for delivering rich, informative content that is far more likely to resonate with voters and the community.

With video, your audience gets a stronger understanding of how services, policies and programs can benefit them.

It’s more likely to be watched and understood – and viewers are more inclined to provide feedback, while also being more likely to share content that is useful and meaningful.

Creating an emotional connection

Videos are versatile. Government agencies can share videos across all digital platforms, including social media networks, to maximise exposure.

You can use video content to create messages that resonate more deeply and therefore building a stronger ‘emotional’ connection with an audience, rather than coming off like any other another organisation engaging in a bit of self-promotional spin.

And, increasingly organisations that don’t use video will be perceived as not speaking a ‘common’ language.

An impressive 88 percent of internet users in Australia engage with video content online.

Globally, US tech giant Cisco predicts that IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020 – a four-fold increase over 2015.

The majority of this growth is likely to come from the private sector. But the uptake of video, especially live video streaming is expected to rise sharply amongst public sector government organisations. Like in the business world, messages are able to be delivered more effectively with internal and external stakeholders afforded more options in terms of how, where and when they consume content.

But the real ace up the sleeve of live video streaming is that it offers an authentic interactive user experience, whereby the hosts and audience are able to exchange information, ask questions, comment and express their personal views, all of which happens in real time.

Public sector government organisations that have started out on the path towards video and live video streaming report improved levels of engagement and interaction with the communities they serve, in turn leading to more positive sentiment reflected back to them.

Top 6 benefits of video to the community

Video combined with an interactive capability supports ‘collective’ experiences whereby people can learn, share information and develop an understanding of important matters together making it easier to:

  •       Create deeper, more meaningful connections with audiences
  •       Drive active dialogue through community consultation
  •       Build reputation and trust
  •       Simplify complex issues
  •       Drive policy and program development
  •       Deliver updates and messages without media encroaching

As we all know, younger people tend to spend more time on social media platforms, which also happen to be where the growth of video content is strongest.

It stands to reason therefore that organisations embracing video as their dominant medium for communications naturally find it easier to drive stronger engagement with younger audiences. At the same time research shows audiences of any age respond better to video content.

Further, embedding video whether it’s in emails, blogs, Facebook or Instagram posts has been shown to increase the time people spend looking at the message. Links to video in themselves are way more likely to be clicked on too.

Also, users spend more time on pages with video content and people are more likely to click on an email link containing a video.

Using video to look within

But of course it’s not just millennials and other constituents government agencies need to engage with.

The public sector, as  one of the largest employers in the country is also facing a number of unique challenges in communicating messages internally to staff.

With the large number of services provided and customers that rely on them public sector organisations tend to be highly process-oriented and often therefore slow-moving.

Moreover, government agencies will always be more risk-averse than most of the private sector given they’re ultimately accountable to all taxpayers. Failure to deliver can have serious and far-reaching consequences.

Establishing video as the dominant platform for communications has the potential to completely disrupt how agencies operate simply by displacing tired approaches built around endless meetings, PowerPoints and training manuals.

Choosing an experienced partner to assist in replacing these out of date approaches to communication and information management with more informative, easy to understand and engaging media is important and viewed as best practice among forward thinking organisations. 

Video offers organisations the ability to reach audiences in real-time or on request. When combined with valuable and meaningful feedback this extends the value to the organisation through better informed staff, streamlined workflows, increased executive visibility and leadership opportunity.

These capabilities are an important factor in building greater staff engagement, productivity and effectiveness leading ultimately to better informed policy and program development and delivery for all citizens.

Viostream is Australia’s leading provider of live and on-demand video streaming solutions. Connect with us today and begin the conversation about how to harness this fast-evolving technology and bring your community engagement to a completely new level.

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This post was written by Jon Dyer - Government Account Director, Viostream

As National Account Director for Government Jon brings focus to government departments seeking to improve their communications activity through the application of video.

Prior to joining Viostream Jon worked with the Department of Education and Employment to design and implement the first interactive live streaming capability for community and stakeholder engagement for Government. This service has been used by the Prime Minister, Senior Ministers, NDIS, ATO and numerous other Government agencies. Jon applies a background in video, design and user experience to assist customers realise the potential of their digital communications capability.  

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