How live streaming turns TEDxSydney from incredible to ‘phenomenal’!

When great stories meet great technology, the results can be truly phenomenal.

The now infamous Ted Talks have set a new standard for connecting the world’s greatest thinkers, unbelievable stories and most inspirational heroes with audiences around the world.

And in Australia, the ‘TEDx’ brand has provided a platform to celebrate and inspire the sharing of local stories with a growing global audience.

As with the Ted Talks, TEDxSydney hosts live audiences that are free to engage with the speakers and each other in a live setting, bringing together people from all walks of life to contemplate the ideas and issues that unite us all.

TEDxSydneyTEDxSydney 2019 (source: TEDxSydney, Visionair Media)

TED Talks content from around the world is uploaded and able to be viewed by millions and millions of people, with some talks chalking up more than 30 million views.

But what sets TEDx apart, and indeed something that is charting an exciting new path for the channel and its brand, is the ability of these events to be live streamed to audiences anywhere in the world, and to any device.

Last year’s TEDxSydney event – hosted at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC) - was titled ‘Humankind’; a powerful concept that drew record numbers of people from all ages and walks of life to hear some of Australia’s most amazing ‘humans’ share their thoughts and experiences on this fascinating theme.

Mathematics champion Eddie Woo wowed audiences with his boundless energy and enthusiasm for the beauty of numbers, while actress, comedian, writer and LGBTI ambassador Magda Szubanski beamed humility and warmth with her accounts of survival and ultimately triumph in a world where so many are misunderstood.

And in a unique blend of art and science, renowned Australian throat surgeon Dr Mathew Broadhurst took the stage with local ‘beatbox’ legend Tom Thum to explain how the human body physically creates such an incredible sound. Most agreed the highlight was Broadhurst’s endoscopy camera transmitting live footage of Tom’s throat to a giant screen for all to see first-hand.

TEDxSydney 2019(Source TEDxSydney)

Many other amazing Australians opened their hearts and minds with a diverse audience all connected and united by their shared fascination and love for humanity. Afterwards attendees had the opportunity to mingle and share their own opinions and ideas drawn-out and shaped by the event.

Yet in what was a fitting tribute to how far humanity has come, especially in the development of powerful technologies that connect us all and bring the world together, the event was live streamed to thousands of people through social media and website channels, extending the reach beyond the ICC theatre to an online audience.

More than the sum of their parts

It’s really hard to conceive of a more powerful marriage of content and technology than that.

And for any organisation that has something it wants to say and share, delivering that message in the form of a live video stream is guaranteed to drive unrivalled levels of engagement and reach.

After all, there’s nothing more authentic and compelling than someone delivering their message, their story, in person in real time.

Sure, most of the people who deliver Ted Talks are experienced speakers who have refined their own message over time, and who also tend to possess unusually high levels of confidence and self-belief anyway, but if the Ted talks teach us anything, it’s that anyone can achieve anything.

And with this mindset, organisations who really want to take their communications – internal or external – to the next level, will find a way to step up and figure out how to make live video streaming their primary weapon for developing their voice and achieving real cut-through amid the din of today’s busy saturated digital world.

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