How can video streamline internal comms in Government?

Often, the larger an organisation, the harder it is to effectively convey and share important information in a consistent way that reflects brand values and reaches the right audience, at the right time.


In the public sector, digital technologies like the cloud, mobile apps and devices, and especially video, are fuelling rapid and significant transformation - not only in how government agencies connect with each other, but also how they interact externally. At the same time, these powerful tools are changing how people communicate internally.

Instead of less engaging methods, video streaming - be it live webinars or on demand - allows organisations to create specific messaging that can be quick to consume and easy to digest, allowing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people able to tune in regardless of their location or choice of digital device.

By choosing to stream your communication as a live broadcast instead of on demand, messaging can be conveyed concisely not only to large numbers of people at a singular point in time, but without dilution or interruptions. Interactivity can be included, but in a streamlined manner where questions and responses can be moderated, mediated and controlled. In addition live streamed webinars mean that your messaging can be branded, and most importantly, delivered as a high quality broadcast.

Information retention

Recent studies have shown that on average adults retain about 10 percent of information presented as text, compared with about 60 percent when presented in video form. That’s a statistic no organisation can afford to ignore.

The consumption of video in our everyday personal interactions with our mobile devices and social media platforms has meant that increasingly this medium is ‘expected’ to materialise in the workplace as a communication method. Determining when to go live versus when to present video as an on demand tool can be tricky. Sometimes ensuring consistency of message is a factor - making sure staff or external audiences are experiencing communications, work training or education in the very same way, at the same time, irrespective of where they may be located.  By recording these live broadcasts, the asset can then exist as a consistent and permanent resource.

Where do you start?

Organisations vary enormously in their readiness to set up and deliver a live video stream, as broadcasting to large audiences requires people with expertise as well as specific equipment resources.

Done properly, live streaming can really hit the mark for executive communications, and  very successfully result in strong and optimised viewer engagement. Done poorly, a live stream broadcast can mean a poor viewer experience undermining the intention of the event.

Understanding the use cases your agency may have for communications will assist with determining when to go live and when to record your content.

Knowing what skills, equipment, experience and resources exist already within your organisation is also critical with assisting how to prioritise your use case implementation.

Having a path mapped out from where your current capability lies to the desired future state of video communications will begin laying down the roadmap milestones to build upon.

Attention to quality, duration and content are especially important, but equally so are security and best distribution points to reach the online viewing audience. Having the right mix of networking, cloud and mobile / remote-access, as well as security technologies in place is essential. And it’s something you can start investigating today.

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