Government Series: Building trust with live video streaming

We all know the expression ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’.

For information to be taken seriously and be absorbed, people need to feel some connection with the source.


This is especially true in the public sector given how quickly political activity can overshadow the day to day business of developing and delivering services for the Australian community.  

It’s critical therefore that government agencies are able to effectively communicate genuine, reliable and trusted information to large numbers of people in a timely manner.

This expectation is now well established through online platforms we use on a daily basis and Government agencies are being actively challenged to meet the same expectation.  

One of the key factors driving engagement in today’s digital world is the growing dominance of ‘video’ as the medium of choice for communicating information and sharing ideas.

Whether it’s footage of family and friends on holidays, how to bake a cake or fix your car, plan your next holiday or see your favourite band play live, video ticks all the boxes.

Consistency of message builds trust

Few areas of our lives are not connected or in some way dependent on government at some level.

This presents opportunities and challenges.

On the one hand, having larger audiences tends to support strategies for ‘open’ government’, whereby greater transparency and stronger engagement is intended  to engender greater trust.

On the other hand, high-profile government agencies that operate within volatile and shifting political environments can also risk serious fallout if they don’t get their messaging right.

For example, the anger over ‘robodebt’ would likely have been avoided through better informed policy and program development according to Department of Social Services secretary Kathryn Campbell. “It’s fair to say that some policy will be welcomed by citizens, and some policy, less so. But my experience is, if you engage with the citizen, they will give you feedback on how best to deliver the policy, regardless of whether they like it or not.”

Video streaming creates infinite reach

Australia’s formidable landmass means government agencies are often challenged to serve large numbers of constituents dispersed over huge distances.

But with live video streaming it’s possible to establish a direct and personal connection with anyone no matter where they are, and at any time.

People can see and hear the source of the message from their workplace or even the comfort of their own home, without needing to travel to community town halls or other venues which have traditionally hosted meetings between government representatives and citizens.

Live video streaming is arguably more effective for allowing people to participate in meetings and / or conversations that affect them, by allowing them to comment and share information in real-time without waiting for the microphone, while clearly hearing the views of their fellow citizens.

And of course video content can be made available after a live event allowing people to access it at any time.

These sorts of capabilities make it easier for governments to establish real connections with their business stakeholders and citizens , which ultimately contribute to building higher levels of trust .

Viostream is a trusted provider of powerful video streaming solutions for helping public sector organisations better connect with and build higher levels of trust with their communities.

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This post was written by Jon Dyer - Government Account Director, Viostream

As National Account Director for Government Jon brings focus to government departments seeking to improve their communications activity through the application of video.

Prior to joining Viostream Jon worked with the Department of Education and Employment to design and implement the first interactive live streaming capability for community and stakeholder engagement for Government. This service has been used by the Prime Minister, Senior Ministers, NDIS, ATO and numerous other Government agencies. Jon applies a background in video, design and user experience to assist customers realise the potential of their digital communications capability.  

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