How to bring TEDxSydney inspiration to your next corporate event

In our previous blog, we provided a general overview of how the popular media brand’s unique format has redefined how we all think about communicating and debating ideas.

How to bring TEDxSydney inspiration to your next corporate event

Now we’re going to break down ideas from TEDxSydney’s various unique characteristics and discuss how organisations can apply them to lifting the quality, engagement and overall effectiveness of their corporate communications.

Have great material

It goes without saying TEDxSydney are renowned for always having great content, and great content starts with great speakers.

A single speaker holding the stage for long periods of time is a common theme in traditional training and education events like company conferences.

By contrast, TEDxSydney presenters are kept to just 18 minutes. This means they have to really focus on the essence of what they’re trying to say. And no-one uses notes or teleprompters.

This simple framework has led to a near-perfect model for selecting and presenting content in a way that audiences find engaging and therefore easier to remember.

Own the stage

The 18-minute format of TEDxSydney talks also make it easier to create more variety. Say you’re running an on-boarding session. A number of brief training presentations interspersed with interactive sessions has the potential to be much more valuable and engaging than a one-hour slideshow.

Get everyone involved

Employee participation is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to planning an internal event, especially when dealing with a highly dispersed workforce.

It may make sense then to create the one live streaming ‘event’, rather than hosting separate training days or kick-off events for each different office. This way everyone is involved together around the same event.

TEDxSydney events invariably inspire audiences to share something of their experience online.

At last year’s TEDxSydney conference, thousands of quotes and photos were live tweeted, while ideas were discussed for days afterwards on social networks. These conversations become an ongoing part of the TEDxSydney experience.

Maintain momentum

Even the most inspiring events can be difficult to recall in much detail in the days, weeks and months that follow.

We all accept this as fact, yet when was the last time you recorded your sales conference or planning day so those ideas could be stored and easily accessed by staff looking to refresh their memories?

The most popular TED Talk of all time, ‘Do schools kill creativity?', from Sir Ken Robinson, has been viewed more than 73 million times across TEDx sites and YouTube, and generated more than 14,000 comments on those sites alone. Incredibly, it was filmed 13 years ago!

One of the most compelling features of TED Talks is its online archive of more than 3,000 videos.

What’s important here is that by creating a searchable archive of material, not only is everything retained, but you also have the option of chopping and editing material to suit different purposes and audiences later.

Mobility is another important factor - whether staff are watching the most recent CEO update or helpful tips from a training day, having the ability to view material on a mobile app at a time that suits the viewer will contribute positively to engagement.

Monitor and analyse

Last but not least, let’s not forget one of the biggest benefits of working with digital is the ability to collect and analyse data to properly understand what occurred and how to achieve better outcomes in the future. Who watched what, for how long, and via what platform or device? Not only does this information help inform ongoing improvements, but it also extends the shelf life of the content that’s already been produced.

When you're putting so much effort into curating and presenting the best ideas your company has to offer, it doesn't make sense to limit availability to the people in the room. Engage your whole business with memorable presentations they can continue learning from long after the event is over.

Talk to Viostream today to learn how adopting some of the simplest principles behind TEDxSydney’s live stream success can transform how your organisation manages information and communicates.

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