Excuse me, do you have a spare 18 minutes to talk about video?

The now famous TED Talks have redefined how people communicate, share and contribute to ideas.

It's most viewed clips are among some of the most popular pieces of content ever produced.

Excuse me, do you have a spare 18 minutes to talk about video?

Topping the charts, Sir Ken Robinson’s groundbreaking ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ continues to rate 13 years on, having now attracted around 73 million views and well over 14,000 comments.

Yet for a media brand platform that carries so much weight, it might surprise you to know that TED Talks are limited to just 18 minutes.

Think about that for a moment. That’s just over a quarter of an hour, which is half the minimum 30-minute duration for most shows broadcast on TV.

This as a medium has become one of the most successful forums for discussing the most complex and profound challenges of our time.

What does video learning mean for businesses?

Most of us have attended training days where our ability to understand and retain information can largely depend on the quality of PowerPoint slides.

In part due to the success of TED Talks, organisations are turning increasingly to video as they seek better ways to communicate the right information to the right people and have it stick.

As you may have learned from some of our recent blogs, audiences presented information in video form retain on average more than 60 percent of it, compared to just 10 percent for information presented as text. Not only does this translate into better outcomes for training and information sharing, it’s also more cost effective.

People are also more likely to tune into video as it’s generally perceived to be more authentic than text or audio alone.

This is especially true for the fast-growing population of people now accustomed to seeing the world through the seemingly infinite volumes of video on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and others. Video is now virtually synonymous with being friendly, engaging, raw and honest.

This has big implications for organisations of all shapes and size.

It might be an ‘onboarding’ session for the rollout of new products and services which can also involve large volumes of new and important information.

And of course, more critically, video can be a more powerful tool for conveying information and knowledge related to compliance and regulations.

With this in mind why wouldn’t you choose video as your communication vehicle of choice? Your audience may retain up to six times as much information via video than by traditional methods of information presentation.

Inspiring participation and building video libraries

TEDxSydney and other platforms like Instagram have proven the power of actual live video streaming, whereby audiences are invited to tune in to a specific event with a date and time. In particular, they inspire vastly higher levels of audience reach. Cases where audience interactivity is an option, people are able to comment on and share content in real time, resulting in a more enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.

Again, returning to social media, most people are comfortable using platforms like YouTube, the ease of use and familiarity of which is easily replicated in the corporate environment.

Video also has the advantage of being easy to edit and store.

Think about video recorded for a long corporate event, such as an annual general meeting (AGM). That content can easily be segmented into smaller parts, or chapters, with the relevant parts distributed to the appropriate audiences, as well as stored in easily accessible centralised locations.

The lower costs and rising number of cloud service providers makes it simple and economical for companies to create, manage and share video libraries of any size. And with the greater power and lower costs of video cameras and video-enabled smartphones means the process of creating video is virtually now child’s play.

Viostream is the official video streaming partner of TEDxSydney. No matter what shape or size your organisation, contact one of our video specialists today to learn how video and live video streaming can help you say it better.

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